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    I Have No Idea What I Am Doing..

    Even after you only click it once the "capture" window does not pop up? Are all your cords connected properly? When you get Roxio open, go to task manager, then right click Roxio, clock "Go to processes", then right click and choose "End Process Tree" if there are any hidden applications linked to Roxio they should all be terminated. Also this is slightly "canned" but run as administrator and make sure Roxio is allowed in your firewalls. That is pretty much the ONLY solution I can think of for your problem. It thinks you have multiple apps running, so if you only click it once just be patient and let it load, mine can take quite some time "15-20 seconds" to load if my laptop isn't quite fired up and running smooth. If your problem persists, who you gonna call? Roxio support that's who.... I ain't afraid of no posts.
  2. BeaSTWiTHiN

    How Can I Manage My Xbox Parties Volume?

    I tried BF3 and it seemed fine, it was a bit quieter then a usual battle because we did a pistols at ten paces duel. But I really hope this isn't a Halo problem and I have to try and get an entire developer to change something for a minority :/ (Minority being people with HD game capture devices that want awesome audio quality so the content they post is good)
  3. BeaSTWiTHiN

    How Can I Manage My Xbox Parties Volume?

    Really? In the back of my head I was thinking "test other games, why not" and I will do that tomorrow. Hopefully it is not JUST a Halo problem lol, I do believe Halo 4 does not have an in-game audio option.... Any other games you've tried that work fine, or is Halo 4 not alone with the boombastic gameplay?
  4. BeaSTWiTHiN

    How Can I Manage My Xbox Parties Volume?

    Now, there is no need to crucify me off the bat here, I already know how to record my own voice in videos and can hear my party as well. I am quite proficient with editing software and understand the value of a slate to do a "marker" when needed. NOW, what I need help with is say when I play Halo 4 with my friends, their voices seem very quiet and the game audio is drowning them out. I know Xbox has an option in preferences to change it up, but I feel like it has little to no effect on what I'm doing. Though I do believe I am doing something wrong because many people have there audio perfect. Is there perhaps two different channels? Such as Party chat on one and game audio on the other so I can manage both and turn one down accordingly? Because right now if I turn up chat the volume in the "capture" window it just raises everything up not just game volume. My set up is: Turtle Beach X11 with the Green "headphone" line-in going to the TV with the Red and White inputs that come with it. The Pink "Microphone" jack goes into my Laptop so I can record audio with my own programs. The Roxio HD Pro goes into my laptop as well. In summary: How can I turn up my Xbox party chat and turn down my game volume so there is a happy equilibrium. Cheers.