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  1. Ok. Some of you already read my other forum posts and this will be my last one. Just want to know if its possible to record the Wii U in HD without HDMI cable. If so how and whats the setup. Last post and thank you for all the help!
  2. True. I just want to know if anybody else knows about this. If it is protected what is the other setup and what do i need to buy. Also where do the plugs go in. A diagram like the xbox or ps3 would be help but i just want to know before i buy this so i dont waste my money and realiza it doesnt work with wii u.
  3. Sorry for all those posts. What I was not understanding is the setup for the wii u in terms of what wires i need and where do I put them in. The reason I was confused was because I saw a Youtube video where the guy says due to copyright protection issues it won't let you record the wii U with an HDMI cable. This is the video that says it wont work with hdmi so I was just wondering the whole set up on how it would work then. Again sorry for all the posts.
  4. A little confused. How do you use the roxio for the Wii U to record in HD. Not PS3 or Xbox. Thankyou. A picture helps too
  5. I'm curious how do you set up the Roxio so it displays HD from the wii u. A picture would help but please not ps3 or xbox just wii u
  6. Im talking about Wii U.
  7. Ok. How do you set it up so it can recored in HD with Wii U? A picture would help.
  8. Cyberce

    Wii U Help

    So wait can you record the wii u in 1080p with component? are you sure because i though component was not hd....
  9. Hello. I got a quick question. With the roxio capture hd pro can you record Wii U gameplay at 1080p? From what I heard it is not possible with an hdmi cable but it is with component. That confuses me because i though component wasn't hd. I want to make sure before I buy one.