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    Electronics,learning digital Photography and editing photos I have scanned from slides and negatives of our family.
  1. Ross W

    Photo Cd Shows Duplicate Filename

    Thanks for the reply.I did make an ISO9660 CD disc,but the double files were still there on my DVD players.The reason I want them on a CD is the photos I have will all fit onto one CD. But I was just thinking now,that maybe DVD players are more fussy about CD's when it comes to photo files than music files. I'll try the work-arounds you have suggested.
  2. Ross W

    Photo Cd Shows Duplicate Filename

    I have made a photo CD with Toast that I want to play on DVD players as well as on my MacBook. I have Toast Titanium10.09. The problem is,the DVD players I have show duplicate files for each photo.On my Panasonic player,it will play a slideshow,but plays a thumbnail first,then the main picture.My philips DVD player will not play at all but will display the filenames. I remember in the pre OSX days,I had to strip off an invisible extra file that the Mac wrote along with the jpg photo. I thought that in all OSX versions,this no longer had to be done. Playing the CD works fine on all Macs. Now If I make a Photo DVD-R ,with the exact same photos,the DVD-R plays fine with no problems on all players. So,what settings must I use to make a CD that will make it play like the DVD-R on all machines?