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  1. Thanks ogdens, but that did not solve the problem. no change except now I get either a green panel or a ! panel instead of the video after I trim. I've lost my library of productions I was working on, but i figure I can eventually find them on my computer somewhere. any other suggestions, anybody??
  2. I have used Videowave movie creator for several years and have version 1.6.636.0 ENG factory installed on my Dell computer with windows XP and all the latest updates of XP. I just captured video of a meeting I shot with my Samsung sc-x105L digital video camera and need to edit it and send to others on the web. everything works fine until I trim the clip. once I did that the thumbnail in the filmstrip was replaced by ! and when I made the movie the sound was rendered but the video was gone and replaced by ! . What has caused this and how do I fix it? I uninstalled Videowave and re-installed it from my discs. no change, it replaces the video when I trim it. HELP! thank you for reading this.