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    Editing Issues

    I have been using the software and all has been fine to start I have uploaded a few videos on you tube at Muffalo Gaming check it out. A problem has occurred in the editing software that whenever I put in a file it goes Black and White and so does text effect.I opened up the clips elsewhere and It was fine so it is not the video clips either .I have tried repair and uninstall but nothing is working what should I do I need help and advice ?
  2. Muffalogaming

    Capture Card Only Films 2 Seconds

    I just bought a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro it is completely set up all is fine until I tried to capture i could only film 2 seconds and then it cuts every time I thought it was my memory but i have 1 terabyte and it says i have 1200 hours of film time left. I can live stream to twitch and have uploaded the editing software works too I just cant capture. I have also tried uninstall and repair but neither have had any effect. If anyone else has had this problems or has suggestions about what i should do i would be grateful if you could reply.