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    Hard Drive Space Disappearing On Me

    I, too, am missing a significant amount of drive space. I will attempt a transfer. Sometimes, the transfer is successful and I can navigate to my Movies folder and find the movie I just transferred, and all is well. When this happens, I notice that my hard drive has less space available (which is to be expected after digitizing a video). HOWEVER... (and here is where it gets goofy)... At other times, the transfer will fail with an "error -46" and I will have to try again. YET, after the failed transfer, my hard drive still shows that a significant amount of space is missing. And a file that large cannot be found anywhere. This makes no sense. It seems as though Roxio Video Capture is creating an invisible file after a failed transfer. How big is this invisible file? Well, however big the movie file WOULD be during a successful transfer. So, my question is: "Where the heck are these invisible files that Roxio Video Capture is creating during a failed transfer?" My hard drive is 15-20 GB less than it should be, and I don't have any movie files to show for it. (And yes, I did navigate to my Movies folder where Roxio USUALLY puts the successful movies.) Any one find a solution to this problem?
  2. Ellsworth Dynamic

    "video Capturing Failed"

    I have run into the same exact problems that have been listed on this thread. -I can only digitize about 15 minutes of video at a time; anything longer results in an error -49. -After the failed transfer, I am missing a significant amount of drive space (even though the transfer was a fail). I can live with digitizing my video in 15 minute chunks, but what I cannot live with is the missing 15-20 GB of space that this issue has already caused me. So, I am asking the same question as Si405. Does anyone know where these phantom files go that Roxio Video Capture seems to have created? Has anybody had any luck figuring this out? Thanks!