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    Minor Issue

    Thanks. Now that I got that changed it starts to install, but then randomly stops and says it was interrupted. Any idea whats causing that?
  2. Sjdibse

    Minor Issue

    I've just got a bit of a problem with my Roxio. My computer crashed and burned, but fortunately I had everything backed up. However when I try to install Roxio on my new computer again it says that my computer can't handle Roxio. This operating system does not meet the minimum requirements for Roxio Game Capture. This product will not be installed. Microsoft Windows XP SP2 (64-bit) Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (32-bit) Microsoft Vista SP2 (32/64-bit) Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premiu,, Professional, or Ultimate (32/64-bit) The really strange part is that my last computer was less powerful then the new one, but for some reason it says this one won't work when the other was fine, if slow from time to time.
  3. Hello, Due to a certain laptops hard-drive suffering repeated failures I have lost every single file and program on it. This includes creator NXT and the program that allows me to capture from my standard Roxio which I purchased last year. How would I go about getting a replacement disk so that I can re-install it. Or is there a download that I can use from the site since that would be more convenient for all involved. I suppose I could upgrade to the Roxio Pro, but I would prefer not to spend the money at this time and even then I'd like to know in-case this happens again. Also, sorry if this is in the wrong section. The area on purchases seemed like the best bet.
  4. Sjdibse

    Gamecube Recording Troubles

    I don't think it does. Guess I'll have to play and record on my Wii. The cable I use to record Xbox also connects to a Wii, so I know it will work. It's just a shame that I'll lose all my saves and have to do everything in one go.
  5. Sjdibse

    Gamecube Recording Troubles

    http://i1209.photobucket.com/albums/cc383/Ragnarok2r/DSCN02981.jpg Here's the setup I've got right now. I think d_dewywright has answered me, unless someone can point out a solution.
  6. Hello, I've been trying to record my Gamecube using a standard Roxio Game Capture, but the best I can get is the video in black and white. The audio is fine but the picture is what is worrying me. I'm using component cables as has been recommended on this forum, but it's still not working. I'm guessing in the options there is the ability to switch the capture to a standard definition so it won't need the blue and green cables, as all of the video has to go through the yellow.
  7. Sjdibse

    Audio Shifts

    I'll have to try setting it directly to MP4. If that doesn't work I'll have to do the intermediate save. I don't know why I didn't think of that. and the PAL setting was just because I was fiddling trying to get it to line up the audio. When I set it to both it was better but it was still just a hair off. Thanks! It's the Videowave editor that comes with the Roxio Game Capture. I haven't done any serious maintenance in a long time. No issues have come up for me to address so I've left it well enough alone. I had Google Chrome running at the time. I was browsing as it processed the file. I use Avast, and Malware bytes EDIT: I found the problem, it was something with the audio file itself caused it to shift. Guess I have to start over now. Thanks.
  8. Sjdibse

    Audio Shifts

    I've got a little problem saving a video. It sounds fine as I'm editing, but when I try to save it into an MP4 the audio in the music line in the internal tacks shifts forward anywhere from a moment forward to several seconds late. When I try to save the file I save "Same as Original" and I've tried NTSC and PAL set to both and NTSC.
  9. Because he didn't leave a link to his question. And his answer did help me out a little. This thread is pretty much just him and I helping one another anyway, all you've done is nitpick and no-one else has posted. ellio, I'm not sure about that, it may be the music setting it off. I know it can recognize audio and tell if it's copyrighted, if it's specifically telling you that Roxio footage is unable to be monetized then I'm at a loss, I've uploaded maybe three videos from it's soft ware and they've all come out fine.
  10. At least he tried. Better than everyone else here so far. To monetize a video you first need to make sure to click on the youtube partner bar on top of the video manager. Then from the video manager click the icons on the right of the page of the people or the dollar sign on any video and that will take you to the screen to edit the options for a video. Monetization should be between basic info and advanced settings, if you don't click on the Youtube partner button first though then it won't show up. Hope this helps. You may not be able to monetize the video you showed me because the music might be copyrighted.
  11. Anyone? This really isn't a hard question I would have thought, just time consuming to figure out on my own.
  12. So I've been trying to post some videos to Youtube but I can never seem to get as high a quality as I see other people manage with the same thing (regular Roxio GameCap) so I'm wondering what the best file type to save as so that I can get the best quality on Youtube. Also,reading on these forums I've run across people mentioning that it's not set to record at 720p. I think I have it set up to that, but could someone just mention which box that option is in so I can check. Thanks.