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  1. nmelander

    Making A Dvd With Menu

    Thx...but where in these are the anything that speaks to what I'm discussing? I've watched every video that Roxio provides...and I find them more promotional than informative. Thx anyway
  2. nmelander

    Making A Dvd With Menu

    I'll get some different media today and try. Thx for the reply Here's but one example. I have a project with three basic video clips. Set up a menu. Click auto play off. Burn DVD. I use a Apple Mac Book Pro running 10.8.5. When I install the disk back in drive I get a black screen with transport from Apples' DVD player app.. Okay... I click on menu and "not permitted" pops up in upper left hand corner! When I screw around and seemingly "force" the app to work, it then cuts off the first few frames of the first video and I never do have access to the other two. What's goin on? I'm a relatively savvy apple user.....but I'll be damned if I can figure out how to use Titanium 11.1! Where's all the comprehensive user guides, video tutorials? Customer support is basically non exisitent! And I hear this is the best DVD Authoring program out there for Mac? Someone please save us.
  3. nmelander

    Making A Dvd With Menu

    Wow....first time using Toast 11 to make a standard DVD from a Quicktime .mov file. I can't seem to get the steps down correctly to do what I want it to do....that, or it's buggy. Let me share with you guys what I have and what I'm doing. I have a local cable channel that wants to run some of my content. They are SD so they are requesting content on a DVD in Mpeg-2 format. That's all the more info I can get from these guys! My So I'm assuming that if I send them a DVD they will want to be able to insert the media in their head-end encoder/computer and copy the mpeg-2 file(s) into their storage for programming and playback. The file I'm dealing with is a .mov file that was generated by Apple FCPX So here's the problem. When I go thru the toast tutorial for making a DVD and follow the steps, the software goes thru the process and acts like everything is fine. At the end....my DVD drive in my Mac Pro can't get the file to start! The media is Memorex DVD-R 4.73GB 16X. Any ideas for this type application? Suggestions and step by step would be greatly appreciated. Think maybe I'm using the wrong media?
  4. nmelander

    Avchd Format No Longer Recognised

    Hi, this is exactly the problem that I am having on my MacPro! The problem is that I am not able to find the specific toast plist and prefs files you refer to above in my user library. Not sure why. Could you maybe be a bit more specific as to how to access? Thx in advance.
  5. nmelander

    Car Stereo Track Advancing

    When I burn 5 tracks to a audio CD and try and play them in my 2007 Yukon CD player, everything work fines EXCEPT the track advance will not work to manually advance to the next song. If I hit "random" on the deck it will then advance to another track, but not in sequence! Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong when I burn an audio CD in Toast 11 Titanium? Thx in advance