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    Videowave Is Extremely Buggy And Slow

    ugh great ...now its freezing on burn on the same project as above..i got it trimmed but now its freezing on 17 percent
  2. hihihihey

    Videowave Is Extremely Buggy And Slow

    sorry i didnt intend to come off as rageful lol i was just frustrated...wow the grid thing helps a lot thank you! and what i mean by crashing hanging and lagging is exactly that...just now after turning my computer on i imported two transfers videos in videowave (around 300-400 MB, 480i) and when i started to trim them it froze...the windows went kinda white/transparent and the mouse icon was the blue circle logo, i use to wait but nothing ever happens...i found there is an error behind that videowave window saying videowave has stopped working..this is a common crashing error..what hanging do i speak of?..sometimes when I import or burn the progress with just hang...the videos never get imported and and i have to restart or the burning process hangs at a number...what lagging do i speak of? just simple clicks and preview viewings take a while to load, even when ive already loaded them before..like to change the menu style template, or viewing a preview of the menu...when i type in text, I have wait a second after typing the first letter before i type anything else or the letter wont appear...im on a quad i5, 64bit win7, 16 mb ram, geforce 210 (yah i know its crappy, could this be the culprit?)
  3. I have been using roxio creator videowave to streamline my film transfer workflow. I was happy to know that videowave allows you to edit the video then burn it right after in my dvd without any in between rendering...the problem is that it is really slow and laggy...it didnt mind before but now its just getting annoying. sometimes the program will just crash and close...or will hang on importing videos...or hang on encoding movie....For some reason when you drap and drop text in the dvd menu creator in mydvd, it seems to only be able to be positioned in certain areas in some invisible gird..which is extremely annoying because the default position of text when it is added with a video doesn;t even align with the "invisible grid" a text block you insert manually has...like what the hell is that.... any project with more that 15 videos..HA dont even bet on it (yes even if they are crappy 480i resolution) just embarrassed....why is this program only 32 bit...is there a REAL 64 bit version of creator i can use so i can properly use videowave? I have 16 gigs of ram going to waste when i use this program....im looking for alternative right now since this program is just too unrealible now....you know a program is bad when you have to restart your computer after every project you do...