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    Roxio Hd Pro Only Shows 1 Second Of Recorded Footage

    I have read them, they haven't helped me fix my problem. I have my tv settings on 720p so that i can record in 60fps, but like i said, once i drop them into sony vegas it only shows like 2 seconds of the video. However when i have my tv in 1080i, it shows the whole video that i recorded once i drop it into vegas, but it's only 29fps. i want to capture at 60fps. Also, im capturing on my MAIN monitor, and i have also tried capturing in full screen but that has not fixed my problem.
  2. So i recently got the Roxio HD pro capture card and everything is going fine. The problem is this, i press capture and record my gameplay, lets say 30 seconds, and when i drop it into sony vegas pro 11, it only shows 2 seconds of the video. It isnt even a video anymore, it's just a still image of the video, 2 seconds of it. I also played the 30 second video in windows media player, and it shows all of the 30 seconds i recorded just fine. Why is Vegas only showing 2 seconds of the video?
  3. LightUpBurst

    Roxio No Signal

    i'm having trouble with the roxio capture card. it use to work fine,but then i tried capturing my gameplay one day and it says i have no signal. I have everything hooked up right, trust me. I even unplugged every cable and tried it again, but it still says i have no signal! Is my capture card broken for good ?