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  1. So i recently got the Roxio HD pro capture card and everything is going fine. The problem is this, i press capture and record my gameplay, lets say 30 seconds, and when i drop it into sony vegas pro 11, it only shows 2 seconds of the video. It isnt even a video anymore, it's just a still image of the video, 2 seconds of it. I also played the 30 second video in windows media player, and it shows all of the 30 seconds i recorded just fine. Why is Vegas only showing 2 seconds of the video?
  2. LightUpBurst

    Roxio Hd Pro Only Shows 1 Second Of Recorded Footage

    I have read them, they haven't helped me fix my problem. I have my tv settings on 720p so that i can record in 60fps, but like i said, once i drop them into sony vegas it only shows like 2 seconds of the video. However when i have my tv in 1080i, it shows the whole video that i recorded once i drop it into vegas, but it's only 29fps. i want to capture at 60fps. Also, im capturing on my MAIN monitor, and i have also tried capturing in full screen but that has not fixed my problem.
  3. LightUpBurst

    Roxio No Signal

    i'm having trouble with the roxio capture card. it use to work fine,but then i tried capturing my gameplay one day and it says i have no signal. I have everything hooked up right, trust me. I even unplugged every cable and tried it again, but it still says i have no signal! Is my capture card broken for good ?