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  1. Thanks all for trying to help me! I just tried to live stream and the problem seemed to resolve itself. Thanks alot for trying to help.
  2. Hello Jim, I went to support and searched all of the questions and not one helped me. Is there anyway I can speak to a person who works at roxio or anything like that?
  3. Hello everyone, I bought the Roxio HD Pro about 3 weeks ago and I love it. Everything works fine and the quality is amazing. I tried out livestreaming the other day and I had a few issues. I logged into my twitch name and chose the sever closest to me. (I live near Philly PA and I chose New York) When I hit livestream the program says not responding but then works again and says im streaming. I then check my Twitch channel and says im not live. Anyway to fix this? Thanks for reading!