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    Signal Protected

    Same thing is happening to me. Can't seem to get rid of the signal protection problem. So much for Xbox One being supported by this cap card...
  2. tkutscher

    Roxio For Xbox One

    Yeah so on Roxio's website it clearly says that it is compatible with the Xbox One, but that is false. You can connect the usb to your computer and the hdmi to both slots and the picture comes up, but it says "signal protected" prohibiting you from recording gameplay. Not to mention the fact that the picture is about 1/4 of the size of my screen. Am I doing something wrong or is this really true?
  3. Yeah so this is really annoying. I have spent like 8 hours trying to fix this. I recorded my gameplay in 720p at almost the highest quality. The videos looks great when I upload it directly to youtube, but when I upload it via VideoWave it looks like crap. I am 100% positive I chose 16:9 ratio. I redid everything about 3 times and was sure each time I was recording at 720p and had the project at 16:9 so that isnt the issue. Same problem occurs. When I create my project in VideoWave I am trying to upload 2 vidoes together that total about 750 MB. The video gets uploaded to youtube via VideoWave at 480p max resolution. It is pretty sad that I can't pick up the phone and call a support person at Roxio to help me without paying for a ticket to be helped. I have read the forum searching for the problem and have come across people that have the same problem and the answers aren't solving anything. Not very user friendly...