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    Transitions in Video Wave 8

    Hello, Thank you, thank you!!! See I started in the Video Wave 8, but at the top of the screen along the side. It said "add photo/video", this is where I transferred my pictures from my harddrive in this section. Next line said add "background Audio", then "add text effect", etc. until it said add transitions. But here it does not show wedding themes, also does not show pot luck. Their was someone esle on here that kept telling this too, but it works better when you sent me picture of what I was doing. On the next section on the left hand side still, it says "new slideshow", which I had already had my slideshow made. I will have to try this on next production. I am keeping all my answers to my questions from everyone of you, so I can read up on them and not get mixed again, and again. After you are finished with the production, except for chapters, etc. to you send it to "MYDVD". HOpefully this is whre I Make a Title to my production, and then burn it. Crosslng my fingers it works on my d.v.d. player, as I am making this into a d.v.d. But then of course, the question will be will it work in other d.v.d players.
  2. judylallier

    Transitions in Video Wave 8

    Hi, It works doing it the way you said, but it takes a lot of time doing it by single transitions. What I would like to do is have a bunch of them selected at the same time and then click a button and they are all in my video. Yes, I am making a slide show with audio, it is my sister-in-law's wedding. ONce I am finished I will burn into a d.v.d., and hopefully it will work in my d.v.d player, as well as my computer. I just wanted to confirm well I am talking to you. You have to copy music from a c.d. and save to hard drive first, before you can transfer it onto you audio on Video Wave 8, is this correct. Or can I just rip a song out of a c.d. onto my audio in Video Wave 8. When I go into software upgrades and go to EM8, it shows EM8.05 to download. Have you downloaded this, and you have no problems. As my program is EM8. I really appreciate you trying to help me with this. I am just about ready to delete this EM8 from my computer. I was trying to get onto the online chat, but cannot find it, I thought I seen it. Judy Hi, I know I can select transitions and drag them where I want them, but I am trying to find the place or button to select different transitions, but have them apply onto my Video Wave 8 all at the same time, instead of doing one at a time. I also know I can select Transition Themes, but the one theme, is all the same transitions, not any different. Meaning I am doing a wedding video, and would like hearts, cirlcles, squares, fade in and fade outs, but all at the same time to put them on my video, not one by one. It takes a long time to do that. I am used to using Roxio Easy CD and Dv.d. Creator 6, and it has it on that one. But their were a lot of other problems with that version, so I hope I am not going to run into problems with this EMC8. Thank you.
  3. judylallier

    Transitions in Video Wave 8

    Thank you for your help, but how I do select different transitions all at one time, like using one click of a button. Or is this not available in ECM8, only in the 6 version. Also I am burning this still picture audio onto d.v.d., is this possible using transitions and music, or just on a c.d.?
  4. Whenever I go into my EMC8 program a window pops us and says I shold install an update, but it stays it is for EMC 8.5 and to install separate. Has anyone installed this update, and if so have you had any problems. Also how do you install it separately. Thank you. Judy
  5. Does anyone know how to apply a mixture of transitions to a project made in the Video Wave 8 section. Also can you just put one or two transitions into still images. Thank you. Judy
  6. judylallier

    Background Music on Video Wave 8

    Sorry if I sounded confused. I was meant to say I used Verson 6 before, had no problems, now I am using Version 8, and it does not look the same. I will try a few things, then I guess I will have to calll Roxio, as this is very frustrating. But I most likely will be back asking questions. Thank you Judy
  7. judylallier

    Background Music on Video Wave 8

    Thank you for your quick answer. How do I make a second copy of the same song, or if I decide to just fit the music to the slideshow, how would I do this. I am used to using Creator 6, not 8. This program is totally different. Where do I go to do the above when I am in Video Wave. Judy
  8. I am having a terrible time trying to make a video with my still pictures. Someone from this discussion group had told me to go to Video Wave 8 (click on edit video) to add my still pictures. Which I have done now. Now I would like to add background music. First I tried to copy from a C.D. onto Video Wave 8, but that didn't work, so I had to burn the music on my hard drive, and then get it from there. Which now have done so, but my video is just over 7 minutes, and would like to extend the one song I have chosen. It only does the one song, then the rest of the video is silent. Please help, I would like to finish this video, it is my first project from Media 8. Thank you.
  9. judylallier

    The Patch, Or Update

    I have been using Creator 6 for a while now, but for a couple of months, my computer was not working, so when I had it fixed for other reasons, a box came up on the screen while I was in Creator 6, saying I can update. I clicked on the o.k. button, and it seemed like it was downloading the update. As it says something like only 1.2% completed, and it would not continue. So I went into the Roxio internet site, and tried to do the patch, or an update, and internet said if I was to download I may get a virus. It did say I needed a few things updated, example the engine. I decided not to try the update as I didn't want to get a virus, as this is why it was in the repair shop in the first place. The software was not working properly, even after I uninstalled and reinstalled the program. Sometimes it would burn to c.d., and sometimes would not. I even tried D.V.D., I was going through those pretty fast, expensive. So I decided to install Easy Media Creator 8. I am still working on how to create slideshows with images, etc. But with a little help from the discussion groups it may be possible. I think I like Creator 6 better then Creator 8 so far, just wish I could have been able to download the update. Do you think it was because my 1 year warranty was up, and Roxio would not let me update. Does anyone know about these problems? Judy
  10. judylallier

    D.v.d., Or V.c.d.

    Hi, I am trying to make a d.v.d. or v.c.d. from images I have on my hard drive. Can someone give me the step by step procedure to do this. I would audio, transitions, and a title, and maybe even sub titles. Can anyone help me. Do I use the slideshow words on the right hand sand of the home Easy Media Creator 8 page or go straight into Video to edit a video wave. Or is video wave just for moving videos. I can't seem figure this program out. I need help. Thank you. Judy
  11. judylallier

    I Like The New Boards

    How do I post a question to the board. I am logged it, and it lets me ask a question, and then I send it, but I don't know where it is being sent to and what my answers are from anyone. Where is the board? I just got used of the old board. Judy