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    2011 Pro Copy And Convert

    Ever since I've had Windows 8, Nothing but problems. Biggest problem is when I try to copy and convert web videos, especially from youtube. Used to have no problems. Now copy and convert doesn't even recognize any online videos including youtube videos when I try to add web video. Tried reinstalling, installing on another Windows 8 system, and have updated the software service pack. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Windows 7 Pro/Roxio Creator Pro 2011. I used to not have any problems with capturing, and converting youtube videos. Now when I go to capture the video, it show nothing. But the advertisement before the video is captured. I've reinstalled Roxio, installed updates, and patches. Also I tried it on a few videos I previously captured from youtube, so I know it's not protected. Whats going on here. Nothing but problems with Roxio. I'm beginning to wish I would have gone with Nero like my best friend recommended. Any help would be great.