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  1. I tried changing the fonts as indicated above and it did not work. I did not try to run it using software encoding since I only get that option when trying to edit a video not when importing a video. Also, let me correct, my wife got this Roxio version from BJ's a couple of months ago, not from Cosco as I have mentioned before. I am hopping BJ's would take this package back and I would probaly try the Pinnacle's or the Sony Vega alternative. I believe these are probably more expensive, but with a good CS support. Thank you for your kindness in trying to help, particularlly when we knowi you don't work for Roxio. Regards,
  2. Thank you Digital Guru!!!. I have tried everything and still not working. This might require a deeper trouble shooting which I lack the skills for. If users needs to go through this steps, this is definitively the wrong program to purchase. As I have mentioned, my computer meets all system requirements and there shouldn't be a reason to experience what I am experiencing. I wonder if this version is compatible with Windows 7 at all. By any chance, do you know of a customer service number where I can call ? It seems the only option is a pay for option which I wouldn't use. I am affraid I'm stock with this program which is useless.
  3. I have re-installed Roxio ensuring the USB device is unplugged. Still having same problem. I am including attachments as requested above. Please let me know if you have any additional recomendations: DxDiag.txt Dev Mngr.doc
  4. I am not able to display video on video import from my VCR. My computer meets all system minimum requirements, I have W-7. I maintain my computer on a regular basis and all updates are up to date. I have plenty of memory space available (more than 700 GBT's). All what I get is a black screen with no video/no sound during video import. The system seems to be capturing a signal from the the VCR since when I turn the video off, the system turns to no signal in red. if I click "Capture" the system starts looping and I have to re-boot the computer. There seems to be a compatibility problem with Windows 7. It also takes to long for the video import option to display. I have asked my computer service provider to check my computer and it seems to be perfectly working. I was advised, the problem could be related to the Roxio program. My next move would be probably to return the package to Costco, but am not to optimistic since most stores are not taking opened software back. Is there a Roxio tel # number where I can call for free ? Any advise ???
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    Thank you Digital Guru. By the way, I did restore my computer to the date when it was working and it still does not work. My computer is updated. I keep getting the error message "USB controller bandwidth exceeded". Anything else you would recommend ? At this point, I am almost convinced to return this product.
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    I was able to first capture video and create a video file. I was ready to start importing image from another video cassette and the capture function does not work. My Roxio creator version is "Roxio Creator Special edition 2010". I have Windows 7 and my computer meets all minimum requirements. As I have mentioned, I already have been able to capture videos using same program and computer. The system seems to be detecting a signal. However, I can not see an image from my video in the small screen and when I click "capture" the system turns to "Not responding". I am also getting a pop up error message that reads: USB Controller Bandwidth exceeded. I only have one of the rear USB ports connecting to the VCR. All other USB drives in the back of CPU are not occupied. Any suggestions on how to address this issue ?