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  1. Hello everyone. I'm interested in creating Machinimas using footage gained from Halo 4, but the thing is, I don't know if my laptop meets the requirements to use a Roxio Game Capture HD PRO. I've never made a machinima before, so I'm kind of new at this. But it seems like something that is cool to put together. Here are a few of the specs on my ASUS K53U Series laptop. http://www.bing.com/shopping/asus-k53u-a1-15-6-e-350-windows-7-home-premium-64-bit-4-gb-ram-500-gb-hdd/specs/A3FC1D88247660D10001?q=ASUS+K53U&lpf=0&lpq=ASUS%2bK53U&FORM=CMSMMH If someone could tell me if it would work, that would be most appreciative. I'd like to know now before I go ahead and buy it, then find out that I am S.O.L and wasted almost $200 dollars on something I can't use. Please respond when you get the chance. Thank you, and Merry Christmas! -Terrence
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    Is My Asus K53U Capable Of Using This Capture Device?

    So, I asked another person on my XBL account, and this person has also purchased the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO. I asked them the same question, and they told me that my computer was fine, the only issue was the 2 GB of RAM. He said to try and get an opinion from more then just one person. So, no offense, I'd like to hear an enlightened and serious response from other people as well. Not just one. I'm really interested in making machinimas, and I would like to find a way to do so, or find out if it is even possible for me.
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    Is My Asus K53U Capable Of Using This Capture Device?

    Bottom line: I can't make Machinimas. Noted.....Sigh.
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    Is My Asus K53U Capable Of Using This Capture Device?

    I see....that is very disappointing. I am aware that this is a website for Roxio products, but if you can, do you think you can provide me with information on what would be better suited for me? A capture card that works better with my type of laptop? Anyone?