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  1. So I Posted Another Topic Similar To This Before.


    So Here Is My Story:

    -I Purchased The Roxio Game Capture(Standard).

    -Than I Installed It Into An Out-dated Computer.(Program Never Worked)

    -I Than Tried Other Computers To See If They Worked.(Still Didn't Wok)

    -After Sometime, I Purchased A New Computer After Moving Into A New House.

    -I Than Went Looking For My Roxio And The Disc/CD.

    -I Found My Roxio, But I Didn't Find The Disc/CD Or The Box.

    -I Tried To See If I Can Purchased or Download The Installation Software(Or Whatever It Was) Via Roxio.com And Other Websites.

    -I Than Needed A Support Code, Which I Never Got Via E-Mail.(I Checked Every E-mail Account I Use)

    -Since I Don't Have The Disc/CD Or Box Of The Roxio I Can't Do Anything.

    -So Than I Came Here To Find A Solution, But Never Found Something I Haven't Tried Before.

    -I Have Updates On My Account Showing My Frustrations Of Roxio.(They Are My View Of The Company From What I Have Been Treated Like)

    -So Yeah, What Next?