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    Can I Record In Hd Without An Hd Tv?!

    Alright well thanks for that guys! I will look into getting the thing Solution mentioned. But I am glad that it will work once I get the right pieces.
  2. legendofhalo162

    Can I Record In Hd Without An Hd Tv?!

    Hey everyone I was looking to get a Roxio Game Capture HD PRO, but when I looked into it a bit it seems that it requires an HD TV to record in HD. I have an older TV so I am not sure if I can. I thought a little bit and came up with an idea to get this HDMI to RCA compnent AV cable. I attached a picture of what it looks like so you may have a better idea of what I mean. I was thinking of putting the HDMI into the Roxio and putting the component (red,yellow,white) into my tv. Then of course I would put the rest of it together like it normally would be. I wasn't sure if this would work so I could record in HD. If not would I be able to crop it in 16:9 (or whatever the right size for a youtube video would be) Could anyone please let me know? That would be great! Thanks!