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    Capture Hd Pro In-Game Com Capture?

    Alright so, what I've found out I can do is this: change the mic settings for the output to be on the tv, turn down the master volume, mute the tv, hook up headphones to my laptop that is recording through the gamecap, then record my voice through audacity. Only sucky part about that is that I will have to go through the 2 second lag from the tv to the laptop that roxio created. So I won't know immediately when someone is shooting me, unless they hit me. Lol. Now, I could get headphones hooked up to the tv but then I have to span the gap of the living room some how.
  2. Nismo4Life07

    Editing Internal Audio?

    Hey guys, so im having a slight problem with my game capture HD Pro and videowave. I can capture perfectly fine and quality is fine, but holy hell the audio track is super loud! is there a way i can turn down the volume of the main video/audio track that way my background music doesnt have to be excrutiatingly loud? i tried double clicking on the track and also clicking edit audio envelope or something.. any help would be awesome! Thanks!
  3. Nismo4Life07

    Hear Game Chat/add Commentary To Videos (Ps3)

    Awesome! Thanks for this!
  4. Nismo4Life07

    Capture Hd Pro In-Game Com Capture?

    Ok soooo, ran in to another problem.. Lol. When the voice chat is being pushed through the tv, I can't hear them for ^#!&. Is there a way that I can get the voice chat to be sent through the tv AND my headset??
  5. Nismo4Life07

    Capture Hd Pro In-Game Com Capture?

    So basically, download audacity, then set the mic settings to hear the others through the tv and not the earpiece, correct? I have the Bluetooth ps3 mic. This sounds a little difficult. Lol. Thanks for your response! Time to start testing stuff out!
  6. Nismo4Life07

    Capture Hd Pro In-Game Com Capture?

    that doesnt help me. all that says is that you cant record in-game coms.
  7. Nismo4Life07

    Capture Hd Pro In-Game Com Capture?

    hey guys, so i just received the HD pro for christmas yesterday and i want to start using it asap. the biggest thing to me is capturing the in game coms along with the video. i play battlefield 3 religiously and am always on a squad with mics. i've seen youtube videos showing how to capture the coms but they arent very clear.... so my question is, what is the easiest, cheapest way to capture my voice, along with my squad chat with the gameplay on my ps3? im completely new to the game recording devices... Thanks in advance for any suggestions.