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  1. StealthyBoy1

    Roxio Gamecap Pro Hd Problem. No Signal!

    I give up. I'm returning it getting a refund and buying a Elgato GameCapture HD . Thanks for your help. Good Night.
  2. StealthyBoy1

    Roxio Gamecap Pro Hd Problem. No Signal!

    you dont understand uh? Look at the attachement its not working. It is connected. Please Help! everything is right! console is on no cable endommaged because they are brand new. And the tv input is GOOD. Now please! HEEELLPP!!!
  3. StealthyBoy1

    Green "no Signal" And Black Screen

    same here black screen with green no signal.
  4. OK so I plugged everything in and everything is plugged in right. So I will screencap what it does on the software! Please Help! Just please! Its apears on device manager also. Here look what it does. :
  5. StealthyBoy1

    No Signal Tried Everything

    same here spend 100$ on some bull!@#%ingshit.