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    Youtube Upload

    Gots another one tho. I have captured videos in HD but when i upload them to youtube they dont upload in HD they upload in SD. not sure why or how to change this
  2. Codeman420

    Covering Up Gamertags

    Is there anyway in the VideoWave software to cover up gamertags when ppl sign into xbox live while you are playing and capturing?
  3. Codeman420

    Youtube Upload

    ok think i got this fixed, instead of going to output and selecting youtube i just clicked on the share button above the video and went that route now its showing on my youtube account and procedssing. weird
  4. Codeman420

    Youtube Upload

    Having a little issue with the youtube upload function. I get all the way through to where the busy logo appears then a message saying my video is being published to with an ok button, i click the button and nothing happens and my youtube account doesnt show my video. not sure wat to do now. and help would be nice