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  1. And the reason that you skipped over Post #2 is?????

    Because I personally already did all that in other threads and no solution could be found. Is that enough of a reason, because I could also add that this information is really easily discoverable through my profile by seeing what topics I have made, but I guess we don't really need to go over who is skipping over what.


    I was just giving fairing warning to the OP that, like me, he may not find a solution and commiserating with him over this fact. If this is against the rules, I'll gladly stop.

  2. Roxio really needs to reply to this issue, it's completely unacceptable and is one of the main reasons other customers aren't happy with this product(including me, I hate using workarounds sometimes). Anyways, what's your PC specs? You might have to turn your biitrate down to 10mbps(10000kbps).

    Hah, "down" to 10mbps.


    I still get this problem on 2!


    This is absolutely unacceptable. The software is just fundamentally broken.

  3. So I got the HD Pro, installed it, did all that jazz. Made sure my computer was well within the compatible specs.


    The problem is, after about three to four minutes of recording, the capture starts getting...glitchy.




    You can see the issue there. There's graphical glitches, sound glitches, and skipping. This also happens in other games. If I stop capturing, then restart capturing, the glitches are gone and it captures fine for another three to four minutes, then it starts again.


    I have changed USB ports, repaired/reinstalled the software following the method that is always posted here (disabling the game capture in the device manager, etc.) tried using Component instead of HDMI, used the Gamebooster "solution" that's pinned up top, all that stuff. Still keeps happening.


    The glitches show up in the preview screen and in the raw footage so it is not a matter of it being my video program. They do not show up on the TV connected to the output. There are no visual, audio, or skipping glitches there.


    So near as I can figure, this has to be software if it records fine for a while but then messes up, then can be fixed by hitting the "Stop Capture" and "Start Capture" buttons until it starts up again. But that is more than a pain and is not feasible as a long-term solution, so what can I do?