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  1. i just went to the section i wanted it to be split so say it was 10mins in i would go to 10mins and click split, then you have 2 sections of video, just right click the second bit and cut it, save the video, open a new edit (Ctrl + N i think) and paste, worked fine for me, if want to split more times just keep doing it
  2. Bigt369

    Wont Open Due To Resolution

    BINGO BANGO worked a treat!! strange but it work so thank you, really never thought that it would make a difference. thank you for the help
  3. Bigt369

    Wont Open Due To Resolution

    will do soon as i get home, thank you, i know at the moment its at 150%
  4. Bigt369

    Wont Open Due To Resolution

    done that, shrunk my screen down while enlaging everything else and still didnt work. have uninstalled and re installed, changed the res many times, it records fine but can not edit, i use my pc on a toshiba plasma screen through hdmi dont know if that would effect it.
  5. i have a problem, will not open at all, just saying my Resolution needs to be a minimum of 1024 x746 or something like that which my pc is running way above this! please can some one get an answer or a fix for this before it gets returned and i get a pvr2