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  1. Hi guys, As the title says I'm running on a 120Hz BenQ XL2410T monitor and would like to stream with the card. My problem is that as I read the card only supports up to 60Hz but my monitor is up to 120Hz. I've connected an HDMI-cable to the input-slot from my gfx-card to provide the card with what's happening - but this prevents me from having the option of playing at 120Hz which is essential in PC FPS gaming, especially with a monitor that is designed to run at a smooth 120Hz. Is there any work around that I could clone the screens yet still have the ability to run my display at a 120 Hz which it is capable of? It's a dealbreaker for me, I'll rather do the software way if I can't get this to work.. :/ PC specs: Intel Core i5 2500K at 4,3GHz 8Gb ram ASRock P67 Pro ATI Radeon 6900HD 2GB Windows 8 Pro