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    Tv Blacck

    Yeah nothing seems to be working....
  2. IAM5500

    Tv Blacck

    I got another TV from my house and tried to plug it in. The profile select has come up on the TV but is glitching out, It seems to be looping the first 2 seconds from the characters coming up on the screen.
  3. IAM5500

    Tv Blacck

    I have been using the Game Cap Hd for a while now and I never had this problem. I recently plugged in all the cords in the correct places and to my surprise nothing was showing up on the TV. I opened the software and it shows the Xbox dashboard and the status says ready. I'm quite confused because this has never happened to me before. I tried switching the HDMI cables around and nothing seems to work. Does anybody konw what might be the issue here?
  4. IAM5500

    Question 2

    There should be a HDMI cable running from your tv to the side with the USB cord input. And another HDMI running from your Xbox to the side without the USB input Hope that helped
  5. IAM5500

    Tv Blacck

    I have been using my Game Cap HD for a while now and only had one issue with it until now. I have plugged all the HDMI cables and the USB in correctly. However there is no display on my TV. I opened up the capture software and i can see the xbox dashboard and everything. It says ready to capture. There is just no display on my TV. If anyone has a solution to this that would great!
  6. IAM5500

    Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro Software Record Only 3 Seconds ?

    This happened to me aswell. Moving the window to my main screen worked for me.