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    Got Streaming Working Pretty Good @480P

    So im assuming its just hit and miss with the chances of having your roxio work im from canada and my best ping from the JTVping download is midwest chicago, which isn't an option on the location tab I've tried every option to stop the stream from freezing in an out but nothing.
  2. Stokesy

    Livestreaming Is So Bad

    Seriously, Has anyone used to Livestream button to twitch and had it work properly? I can't find a successful post about anyone using the roxio hd pro to stream to twitch I bought the #$^@ thing so I could stream and it doesn't work so what was the point?
  3. Stokesy

    Livestream Choppy

    As far as internet connection goes, mine is as good as it gets Why advertise that you can stream to twitch from the capture card if it's going to be the most difficult thing to do. I don't want to pay for xsplit and try and figure out how to use that aswell just so i can stream my games. I just want my #$^@ stream not to freeze every 5 seconds which makes streaming pointless.
  4. Stokesy

    Livestream Choppy

    I've changed my bit rate/ location/ and quality setting as much as possible to try different things but my HD pro will not livestream to twitch without lagging terribly. It says when i check my bandwidth that i only get 350 kbps average? Is that low? I bought this product to stream my xbox to twitch Just wondering if i should take it back or is there an easy solution?