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    Downgrade In Pc Quality

    The motherboard i do not recall i orderd it from cyber power with help form a friend who is a computer engineer. And with the nividia it is installed and says it is available for use. Luckily though do have use for the device with my xbox so its not a total loss w/o pc use.
  2. Gini

    Downgrade In Pc Quality

    Done. For my problem it seems to be under the display tab but i'll let you look DxDiag.txt
  3. Gini

    Downgrade In Pc Quality

    Once i reset my computer a coupple of times and re inserted the hdmi cords it seemed to work fine untill once recording was finished there was no game sound(in another post). And I was able to view my graphics card by going to the screen resolution window on my PC, right clicking on the window that was my main display, and clicked properties and it showed under the adaptor type as the intel graphics 3000 instead of the usual nividia card. (also on display it shows DEMO TDA19978 instead of the nivida(this is all under a windows 7 ops)).
  4. Gini

    Downgrade In Pc Quality

    After setting up the game capture and fixing a problem were it turned my screen blue when oppening the capture window (using HDMI) i have noticed a downgrade in game quality. I checked my moniter resolution and it is running on a Intel® HD Graphics 3000 instead of my NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 causing games requiering such a card to run poorly. Thanks for any awnsers.
  5. Today was my very first time using the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO after getting it as a gift. I wanted to make a video of Star Wars The Old Republic for some friends and after setting up the device. After recording 40 minuets of gameplay I went to use the edditing software and once the video began to play there was no sound from the game itself in any aspect. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.