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    Win Dvd Bd Issues

    HELP!!! I have purchased my second copy of NXT Pro because the first copy dumped my factory installed Corel Win DVD BD player program and would not recognize BluRay discs when inserted in DVD BD drive. I have had to do eight, yes EIGHT, Factory Reinstalls to the out of box state and try to reload NXT Pro to no avail. When the install disc is inserted, it uninstalls my existing Corel Win DVD program and puts the NXT version on my computer which can't read BluRay. I have had to revert back to Creator 2011 Pro to keep from losing Blu-Ray playback capability as originally installed. Although there is a Corel BD plug-in, I don't feel I should have to purchase it as the Corel Win DVD BD program came installed from the factory. How can I install all the features of NXT Pro without losing the original Corel Win DVD? This is extremely frustrating, as I am now in the process of trying to recover lost files from all of the factory reinstall processes. I have a Toshiba P740, running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit