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  1. Okay, where do I begin. I just got my Roxio Hd Pro yesterday and has it been bad....... Now that I have got everything situated I'm having a really weird Livestream problem. So I can live stream to twitch tv with no problem, no choppiness, no lag, no distortion, but the problem I'm having is, if I live stream let's say for 5 minutes and then stop streaming and go to my twitch tv account and go to my past videos the video I recorded will be there but instead of the video being 5 minutes long it may be only 1:30 or 2:50 the video is never in it's entirety. While I'm streaming with the roxio software the livestream button will show that I'm live streaming it never stops on it's own i have to click it to stop streaming but again my video is never in its entirety on twitch. Its like its stops streaming after 2 minutes but within the software it still shows I'm streaming. Can someone please help or if anyone is experiencing this and has figured it out please help me.