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  1. I've updated the drivers. First it directly stopped capturing, but after a few attempts it worked. I was trying this laptop since I assumed it has a better videocard than my old laptop and the pictures would'nt shake that much. This appeared not to be the case. I'm not sure but I think the shaky pictures (it looks like it is laaging behind and then in order to catch up, it makes fast movements)'. I'm not sure but I think these are recordings with my first camera (Sharp, about '93). Can this possibly be solved by choosing something else than "Pal_B"?
  2. This evening I attempted to use my son's laptop since it is a more advanced one. I installed Roxio VHStDVD, firewall and av disabled, and gave it a try. When I was trying to capture, it says it had to switch back to colr scheme basic, consequently it said the software wasn't compatible and it stopped. This was exactly the same as the problems I had with the desktop. The only difference is that thye desktop has Windows 7 and my son's laptop Vista. It looks like I have to cope with my old laptop that has Vista but somehowe it looks like there is a compatibility problem since I have the same problem on two different computers.
  3. Gentlemen, it looks like my problem is solved. I've installed Roxio now on my (old ) laptop. Although its videocard is very poor, I just finished the first DVD. It looks like the videocard (or something else maybe) faces troubles to keep up because at the end of the DVD the pictures get shaky while the VHS tape pictures are stable running. I might try my son's laptop since its videocard is much better. Nevertheless: it works now. Thanks gentlemen!
  4. That's right, I never got pictures from the VCR until I found out (Jim Hardin pointed that out) that the connector SCART/composite might cause the trouble. I arranged another one and now I do have pictures from te VCR. But when I use S-video I get black&white pictures. When I use composite I get coloured pictures but the system shuts down after a few messages (see posting feb 6th). When you're recording and see pictures you don't like to capture. you stop capturing and forward the tape. Once you do, the system gives nessages as posted feb 6th and shuts down.
  5. Yes it did, although every now and then yhe same problems occurred. But when it was recording and I didn't interrupt (re- or forwinding) it worked. When I switched to recording VHS tapes and I finally got pictures (with the right connector) from the VCR, the computer got unstable.
  6. None, as far as I know. It's an Acer aspire of about 3 years old. In the past the kids used it and because of that there might be something on it I do not know. I lately specifically looked for Roxio Creator since I read that creator and eVHStDVD didn't match too well. But I didn't find any.
  7. In the meantime I already have chosen a new recovery point. I disabled the avv and firewall. It was installing without "false configurations" until is says it discoveres a fault code 0652 and also 0012. It looked like it was going to work but after these fault codes, it looks like it got stuck. I'll cancel the operation and continue this weekend with another computer.
  8. Aah Jim, I'm getting tyred of this. It won't run the install process because it says: "Set up has find out that your configuration doesn;t support any of the products" (free translation from Dutch. I don't understand anymore: In the past it simply installed it! I removed the former installation of Roxio but that doesn't help.
  9. I will! Typical is dat I have the choice to use the S-video or the composite. When I use the S-video, the picture turn black and white. Composite is color.
  10. I've added the computer characteristics. Maybe this helps.
  11. Just tried. When I set Windows basic 7 beforehand and then strat Roxio E..D than it closes down immediately. Apparently the Roxio does not function with basic. When the scheme is upgraded is possibly gets short of memory. See the attachment (unfortunately in Dutch). I'll translate if you like. Doc1.doc
  12. Next problem: sometimes I'm able to capture, then it grayes out. Consequently it says it doesn't have a viseo signal anymore, Then the system says "het kleurenschema is gewijzigd in windows 7 basic" which is is in English "the colorscheme is changed into windows 7 basic" and the system shuts down. Does anybody know how to solve that?
  13. And the good news is: The composite/SCART connector was false. I've borrowed one of one of my colleagues and now i do get pictures on the capture screen BUT the capture button stays grayed out. So, one step furher but not there yet.
  14. No, I'm sorry. I'm getting a little mixed up. To put the VCR signal on the TV I used a SCART. I think (and I hope) that the SCART/composite adapter is still the first suspect.
  15. Thank you! Yes, the output signal of the DVD player is recieved! But I do not have a possibility to put the VCR signal into the DVD player. The DVD player only has outputs, no inputs.