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  1. Chidgeey

    Usb Not Recognized! Help

    no its showing under unknown devices
  2. Chidgeey

    Usb Not Recognized! Help

    Help ive been using my roxio hd capture and its been working fine. earlier i plugged it in and when i plug the usb port into my laptop it says usb not recognized, i have even unistalled roxio and reinstalled it , Please help!
  3. Chidgeey

    Problem Exporting Hd

    i now use AVCHD 1280x720/60p but now i get a green line at the bottom of the videos
  4. Hi i can upload my videos in hd but theres always a green line at the bottom of the video, how do i fix this??
  5. Chidgeey

    Problem Exporting Hd

    Im having some problems exporting my videos in hd, im exporting in 1280x720 vbr because im recording in 720p but when i try to upload video of lots of clips all recorded in hd turn out in 480p however when i do one clip it comes out in 720p please help
  6. Chidgeey

    Purple/blank Screen

    I dont think so, how do i find out?
  7. Chidgeey

    Purple/blank Screen

    I recently bought a new laptop and now when i try to record with my game capture HD, my preview screen is a blank purple screen. It still manages to record but I just cant see what im recording at the time. My laptop runs windows 8 and has high enough specs with a intel i5 processor, 6gb RAM and 1Tb hard drive. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this or is having the same problem?