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    Ps3 - No Signal

    Other card failure was the hardware of the card and partially my fault on that one . Just live streamed for the past 5 hours give or take seems to be holding have noticed however if i use the "Stop Live Stream" option within the roxio software then i have to reboot otherwise the .exe that controls it wont close does'nt allow me to end task etc etc. With Xsplit support around the corner im not too fussed if thats the only issue i have with it is that i cant use it for Live Streaming, havent tried any captures yet but ill do that when im not live streaming, last thing i want is to make it stop working right now
  2. Smoosher

    Ps3 - No Signal

    So after doing the above steps and doing a full reinstall i now have a signal back and a ready status again, ill try using it and see how long it lasts before it dumps!
  3. Smoosher

    Ps3 - No Signal

    So using the simular steps you have mentioned, im going to Device manager, Uninstall and delete drivers. and unplug Then going to Uninstall Roxio software, reboot and reinstall again, losing track of how many times i've reinstalled this Glad ive got 30 days on this as if i cant get it working in the next few days i might ship it back and pick up a Hauppage V2 or something simular, as this goes its a nightmare!
  4. Smoosher

    Ps3 - No Signal

    Ill just type up the results of what i get when i do the repair. In Device manager under Sound, Video and game controllers i have all the normal gumph and one Roxio GameCAP HD PRO so uninstalled and deleted driver software for the device. Unplugged AV Off Roxio Disc Run - English - Update Checks Yes - Downloads some bits - Repair Reboot. Lets see what that does! PS3 On Picture on telly shows PS3 PC Up, Roxio Plugged in Roxio Software On Capture Status: No Signal Which is a step back now , just tried to reselect the source to try and make it pick up a signal and that didnt work Device manager shows the Roxio as there.
  5. Smoosher

    Ps3 - No Signal

    Yea its not something I ever use but, when the times get tough you try just about everything that's in the book! I have done a repair but not exactly like this, ill give it a try and see what happens, thanks for the info and ill let you know!
  6. Smoosher

    Ps3 - No Signal

    OS: W8 (64Bit) Roxio HD Capture Pro Proc: I7 - 3820 @ 3.6 Ram: 16gig Roxio Software: (Latest SP1) Setups Tried: PS Component > Roxio > HDMI TV // PS Component > Roxio > Component TV Using the HDMI setup on my W8 system i couldn't get it to run longer than 2 minutes Lots of No Signal Issues (However worked fine on a vista laptop go figure!). So i've currently got it running on Component which had some better success, however whenever i try and run a game (Batman for example) the software crash's once the game loads. You cant close it, end task doesn't remove it and it sits saying "No Signal" only way to actually remove the software is to reboot my PC (Thank god for SSD's!) If I sit on the PS3 home section doing nothing its fine, i can flick between the tabs without issues its only the moment i try and run a game it kills the software. I've repaired it twice, re installed countless times and have run out of ideas on what to try. Ive tried W7 and Vista compat modes with no joy (Even thou the device is stated as "W8 Ready") The "Roxio GameCap HD PRO" is showing in device manager under "Sound, Video and Game Controllers" the PS3 is setup to run through component using the 3 settings listed in the setup sheet (480p 720p 1080i). I had a Hauppauge before this that worked great for a year, after that went wrong i thought id change to Roxio but ive had no end of issues with this one any suggestions would be great!