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  1. MitchDoss

    Keeps Switching From 720 To 480

    Ive set the device up but its the software that is the problem the profile keeps changing from HD 720 to 480
  2. MitchDoss

    Keeps Switching From 720 To 480

    It keeps happening the settings keep switching to 480p when i want 720p which is getting annoying now because i keep getting low quality clips, is there anything im doing wrong or is this a software glitch?
  3. yep just tried without the updates and still nothing. ROXIO_SETUP.zip
  4. kk i tried installing from hard drive and still didnt work so here is the log. ROXIO_SETUP.zip
  5. Nope still didnt work.
  6. no i havent tried that
  7. Yes i was connected to the internet when installing and its a disc
  8. I have tried several times installing but the installation keeps canceling, does anyone know the problem? New folder.zip
  9. MitchDoss

    Capture Glitches

    Does anyone know what this is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pT3HMMFcfTM, its at the start is the bitrate to high or is it a program problem?
  10. MitchDoss

    Streaming Settings

    well i want to know what settings i can use as i have no idea what ones to get a smooth good quality stream.
  11. MitchDoss

    Streaming Settings

    I've recently bought the roxio and was wondering if anyone had any settings that i could try as at the moment i still cant find the best ones here's what i will be using: Laptop - http://www.samsung.com/uk/consumer/pc-peripherals/notebook-computers/essential/NP-RV510-A0AUK Internet - Would mean alot if someone could help!