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    Hdmi Out Of Range?!

    Well after restoring the monitor to its factory settings and reinstalling the drivers, im still getting the 'out of range' message, it's made even more frustrating by the fact that neither roxio nor LG offer ANY helpful advice to someone in my situations and searching other forums hasn't helped either, its clear im not the only person with this issue. I must give a round of applause to LG however as theyre solution to my problem is to read the manual, which happens to tell me that my moniter is 1080p....THATS IT doesnt tell me how to change res and changing a load of stuff on the Ps3 doesnt work either. Am i really going to have to buy a new tv to record gameplay? so much for a 'cheap, easily set up device'.
  2. DanCraft12

    Hdmi Out Of Range?!

    So i managed to get the preview working on my PC which took ages due to me having to order a new component cable for my ps3, but now when i change my monitor to show the screen from the roxio game capture hd pro box, there is a notice in the middle of the screen saying "HDMI out of range 15.6khx/50hz" I imagine this to be a problem between my monitor and the output power of the game capture device, my moniter is an LG flattron w2261vp (i think thats right xD) so i dont understand how a device which is supposed to give out full 1080p images, is not compatible with a 1080p moniter. I could be way off but i really need help, searched so many forum posts that google is now bored of me, here is some other info that might help! Ps3--->Component--->RGC--->HDMI--->LG Monitor Also i would like to point out the horrible leaflet that comes with the rgc, offers no help whatsoever and seems to assume that it is easy to get the device working!