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    Serious Driver Problems + 2.0 Update Fail

    didnt know how too, usually not on here, her ya go...
  2. Tech1Review

    Serious Driver Problems + 2.0 Update Fail

    You dont need a account, try this link http://gyazo.com/0baadddfb5a30c574c81a501d8504555, so i have done the things that is stated like unplug and repair and such. but it still doestn work
  3. Tech1Review

    Serious Driver Problems + 2.0 Update Fail

    http://gyazo.com/3bdb326985c72fa71bb6ac42fbfb12b1 , it doesnt display my xbox on the monitor as well
  4. HI! So i have been having some problems over the last week or so, everything was fine until the 2.0 update. i have been using it for 2+ years. First, the program crashes everytime with update 2, so i installed the 1.0 again. Has been working great again until now. My computer has a error with the device and in the device manager it has an error triangle simple on it. i have tried the fix that is recommened a million times on her and it does fix that triangle, but it doesn't work the device despite that. When i restart, it pops again, any help is appreciated greatly! Thank You
  5. Tech1Review

    Distorted Video When Capturing

    To be honest I did not want it to result in any problems what so ever. I just wanted many people to see the problem and by that it can help other people and inform people. It was more like a "spreading the word". Won't repeat the action again. Edited to get the post out of the quote.
  6. Tech1Review

    Distorted Video When Capturing

    I have glitchy distorted screen also
  7. Tech1Review

    Directx 9 Is Interrupted- Need Help!

    Working fine! Thanks
  8. I just bought a 145 euro game capture hd pro and everything was going fine until i came across a error. i started installing it but then it started rolling back the installation of directX 9 runtime. i did some research and i installed it separately, but every time it says that there is another program using directX and that i need to close them. i already have directX 11 so I'm not sure. a reply of your ideas would be very helpful since it took a long time for me to get the money and buy it(im 14 )