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  1. This 'software' has now ventured into unusable territory. For the past couple of weeks when I export a video, it makes the video play at 1/2x speed while the audio is played normally, and "squeezes" the picture to 4:3 even though the file is 1280x720. Does anyone have a solution for this?
  2. brettj89

    Would This Work To Record My Own In-Game Voice?

    Why are you confusing my advice given on a completely unrelated topic to this? Your last sentence is vague, but may be the answer I'm looking for. But once again please, don't reply to posts you can't understand.
  3. I'm wondering if this theory would work to record my own in-game voice and if anyone has tried this out. What if I get a 2:1 USB adapter (2 female to 1 male) and plug in a USB microphone along with the capture card and have the adapter plugged into the computer? This would combine both streams into 1 correct? Like this: http://www.amazon.co.../ref=pd_sim_e_6 My main concern would be mic audio lining up with the capture audio and the power consumption of both USB powered devices running off the same power source. Thoughts?
  4. brettj89

    How Can I Capture In-Game Voice?

    Xbox > Settings > Preferences > Voice > Play through both/Play through speakers
  5. brettj89

    Capture Software Switches From 720P To 480P By Itself

    Sorry, but that's not relevant to what I'm saying. I'm not concerned about the available settings, I'm concerned about why the software feels the need to switch the resolution settings by itself. The default selection may be 720p, but when I start the program it is sometimes at 720p, sometimes 480p.
  6. I find that sometimes (I'm not sure if it's something I do that causes this to happen or what) when I start the capture software, it will be set to record in 480p instead of the HD 720p I set it at. This gets rather frustrating when I don't remember to check to make sure every time I start the program that it's set to HD 720p and find out later all the files are in 480p. Any idea what causes this? Thanks.