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  1. ok so i deleted the folders containing the cineplayer pack and now there is a multi colored screen instead of the capture and when i hit capture to see what happens it says that windows is configuring the game cap and that it needs to restart. i restart and same error occurs. help is much appreciated
  2. this is the first roxio product i have bought so i do not understand why i am getting this error or why this is happening at all
  3. So i bought this in novemeber installed this everything seemed fine but when i hit capture it says "windows installer is configuring roxio cineplayer decoder pack" then it says that to finish the configuration and installation that i need to restart my laptop. i restart then launch the capture and hit capture again, only to see the same message again. I have tried to contact support and they have been useless. I was "transferred" to level 2 tech support and then never heard a word back so i am turning to the forums! Any suggestions?? Please i want to fix this and finally use the $150! Anything will help!