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  1. GomezManor

    Change Saturation?

    I use an alternative program for recording since the roxio hd pro program is very buggy for me. This might be impossible but it's always worth a try. The alternative program doesn't support changing the saturation/hue/etc. Basically I'm wondering if their is a possible way to change the default capture settings (contrast,saturation, etc) so upon opening in the alternative program it will effect overall recording since the original settings appear very dull unedited.
  2. GomezManor

    Re-Credited After Purchase?

    Thank You! I will wait it out until the pending clears. Until that happens I will contact Roxio if all else goes wrong. Cheers!
  3. GomezManor

    Re-Credited After Purchase?

    I'm not to sure if this is in the right place but I purchased a Roxio Game Capture HD PRO yesterday & I checked my Credit Card Transactions online and it says the money is pending to be taken out, The $113.69, but also you guys credited me back $113.69 back. Did I get denied? Both are pending so I'm not sure if you guys just re-credited me until you ship it out or if I got denied. Also I have the e-mail I used to purchase the device & the last 5 digits of my Credit Card & it pulls up the page with the shipping, billing address, and the tracking number. However says nothing about being processed or processing. Here is a screenshot of the pending charges to my card.