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  1. JPlowa, My event log told me it was a Windows (I'm running 8 Pro) issue specifically with kernelbase.dll. I think I'm stuck at least until Microsoft can give me a fix either directly or in a Windows update. Checking around apparently this is not an uncommon issue & I think Roxio should figure out a workaround. On principle I refuse to pay Roxio $19 for support. My solution was to buy Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate which I should have done in the first place. I used Studio 10 years ago & never had problems. I only chose Creator because of the barrage of emails I got saying how great & easy NXT Pro was. By the time I installed creator I was already way out of Roxio's refund time frame. I feel doubly violated since both Roxio & Pinnacle are owned by Corel. I'm in the wrong business. I need to come up with something to make & sell & then charge people to get it to work. That's my rant. Good luck with your issue & let me know if you find a fix. I'll do the same although at this point I can't spend a lot of time looking for a fix.
  2. LDragon

    Mydvd Won't Run-Creator Nxt Pro

    Thanks sknis. I checked my event log & apparently it is a Windows issue & the culprit is kernelbase.dll as you suggested. There's a lot of info on it out there & a lot of possible fixes but nothing has worked yet. My brand new Windows 8 machine which I bought specifically to run Creator for now is a worthless time waster. Once again, thank you Mr. Gates & family. Seriously, I appreciate your input & hopefully a fix will be found. If anyone out there has a similar problem I'd be interested in comparing notes.
  3. Creator NXT Pro installed in brand new machine purchased with the NXT system requirements in mind. Videowave works for editing but when I open MyDVD (with Videowave closed or open), I get the main MyDVD window, then the "please select the project type" window. Whatever I select results next in the error message "Videowave has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program & notify you if a solution is available". Then it closes. I've been living in the Knowledge Base & forums & tried all the fixes multiple times including running repair with firewall & antivirus off and uninstalling & reinstalling with firewall & antivirus off & disabling all startup apps per KB article 000012552. I've tried running & installing as administrator as well as trying to open MyDVD directly as opposed to from the main Roxio menu. I have all windows & Roxio updates. Attached DxDiag.txt is my machine information. I have wasted two weeks on what should have been a "simple" software install. Thank you for your time and hopefully your help with a "simple" fix that I might have missed. DxDiag.txt