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    Or do you have a separate monitor from Roxio Capture Card to monitor?


    Then a laptop to connect the Roxio USB Capture Device USB?


    Like this pic?




    Yes, that is right, I have a monitor connected just to my xbox via roxio, and a separate windows vista PC

  2. You have a monitor hooked up to the Xbox for viewing and a different PC and monitor with the USB Capture device hooked up with USB?

    No, not exactly...

    -My monitor DOES display properly when connected to the Xbox when I don't use the Roxio

    -When using my Roxio, I plug my roxio to my Xbox via HDMI, myRoxio to my laptop for recording via usb, and hdmi out of Roxio to dvi adaptor to monitor, - This is where the monitor does not display anything, but my laptop gets the signal and can record fine -- SIDE NOTE: I found when I have just connected my monitor this way, my monitor starts searching for an input like it knows there is one, but gives up after a while :P

  3. Hi there!


    Problem: Roxio records fine onto Laptop and picture displays in HD, but no signal to monitor to display video, even with manual monitor input selection (it also has VGA input)


    My connectors are as follows:

    XBOX 360 HDMI Out -> HDMI Roxio HD Capture Pro IN ->HDMI Out -> Apple Branded HDMI to DVI-D (Dual Link) Adaptor -> DVI-D (Single Link) cable -> Samsung 2232bw Monitor DVI IN.

    + USB Roxio -> USB Vista Laptop


    Extra Info: -My Xbox works fine connecting the monitor via the DVI HDMI adaptor setup directly without the Roxio

    -Video output fine using another display when DVI adaptor not in use with direct HDMI output (with and without Roxio)


    I know this makes it seem like the Roxio will not work with a DVI adaptor, but this post seemed to suggest otherwise, I just couldn't work out how to do it!



    Thanks for your help,


  4. Hi there!


    A couple of days ago I bought a Roxio Game Capture HD PRO and after connecting it with 1080p HDMI cables to my computer and capturing, I always get a really poor quality capture, and sometimes getting the picture really bad for a sec as seen in the photo.

    Ohh and also I edit with Final Cut Pro X after transferring the video to my Mac (but the bad quality was apparent before transfer).


    I would really appreciate some help with getting the quality of the capture as it should be.


    Here are my laptop specs, roxio settings, and screenshots of capture...



  5. Ok, so basically I just got this product which I have tested and it works great (although still need to improve quality settings).

    So I wanted to ultimately stream the game play footage IN REAL TIME to my iPad.

    After research, to do this I released I needed an app to view the laptop screen in real time (which after testing works well)

    So all I need now is a way of streaming the xbox game play footage to my laptop in real time (ie. without the 2 second delay as with the software).

    I have seen this being done with the roxio here: (however have not quite found out how he does it yet (claims to use a webcam like recorder called AMCap but couldn't get it to work after testing)

    My laptop supports USB, VGA, (and another laptop HDMI out (to duplicate laptop screen) but not mine so not ideal for long-term) .

    My local tech shop where I got the capture card said this would solve the problem: http://www.maplin.co.uk/pc-to-tv-box-223833 but not convinced I need another piece of hardware!


    Also this might be relevant (in FAQ section):

    Can I use Roxio Game Capture HD PRO to play live games on my computer display?

    Yes as long as your computer display can take HDMI or Component input. Instead of connecting a TV, you can connect your computer display as an output with Roxio Game Capture HD PRO device so the video can be passed through in real time to your computer display.

    You still need to connect the capture device via USB with a laptop/PC for recording though. The preview in the Capture software has about 2 second delay as it is required for the hardware to process the video.


    Please could anyone help!