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  1. Boy!!!!!! I sure don't know how to use these forums, but if Digital guru is still around I want to thank him again. He helped me in Jan. 2013 about expired version pop ups. Had same problem in April and forgot how to fix it (dumbhead me). It was still saved, thank god, well its working again and I'm happy again and not all bent out of shape!!!!!!!!!! A.H.
  2. Well you're right Digital Guru I do have Easy media Creator 9. Sorry I thought I was at the correct forum. I never did this before, took me an hour just to figure out how to post a message, lol, I'll know next time. That http:// you recommended worked real sweet (like I knew what I was doing,lol). I can quit pulling my hair, it's working now. THANK YOU THANK YOU D. Guru. You da man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A.H.
  3. Hi, I have windows XP. Bought Roxio 9 couple years ago retail (have CD key #). Worked for months, then I would click on a program and I would get "trial version has expired", so I uninstall, reinstall it, works for couple days then same problem, "trail version has expired". I'm the 1st to tell ya I don't know much about computing etc. but I thought I tryed everything to fix it. I'm starting to pull my hair out, you know what I mean??? Much THANKS if someone could guild me in the right direction !!! A.H.