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    Need Help

    Have you disabled Display Discovery from the System Options > Display menu on the 360? See if that works
  2. TornSilhouette

    Issue With Component-Hdmi-Dvi Conversion

    I mean I understand the adapter types the DVI had, in this case I was using a Digital plug in which the monitor itself stated it could as well, but it still couldnt receive picture, which i do believe HDCP on the xbox does become a possible issue, even though i resolved this with a splitter, Im curious to see if I had any alterations should i use HD composite cables (thank god for amazing selling those for 7 dollars lol)
  3. TornSilhouette

    Tornsilhouette Channel

    true but they got things to work on, which under their policy isnt to be discussed, so ill give them time before i give my 2 cents
  4. TornSilhouette

    Issue With Component-Hdmi-Dvi Conversion

    Have you tried disabeling the Display Discovery setting off? If that method fails and you do not see a screen in either screens, restart the xbox with the guide button, holding the Y and Right trigger until the monitor turns on again In this case, It's not that your monitors or cables are the problem, the roxio itself is just being a nuisance when it comes to outputting the converter cables, which in this case that many of has had to do, use a hdmi y spliter, fortunately it just costs around 5 dollars on amazon
  5. TornSilhouette

    Tornsilhouette Channel

    As you can see guys, not too long ago I was having a crapload of problems with this software, even though i may have spent at least 15$ on cables and adapters it was pretty much necessary for the work arounds, but as you can see I have made it possible with hours of tinkering with the Xsplit software, ive come across with the unfortunate diagnosis that the Roxio Streaming Software is a bit still new so MANY of us will struggle streaming so give them time to fix the problems but until then I have made it possible to stream with the xsplit software using the HD PVR method that people used to capture by "screen region" im sure someone else has done this for the roxio device itself by quick video, so ill have to contribute his thanks as well. but heres the channel: http://www.twitch.tv...tte/b/357492706 Note: my upload speed is barely 1.5M, so dont be discouraged by the people that think you can't, you just have to configure the quality and location until you dont lag and my processor is a standard intel i3 2300 It's possible, dont give up too easy <3
  6. TornSilhouette

    Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro No Audio

    Is the display discovery on your xbox turned on in the system settings?
  7. TornSilhouette

    Roxio Gamcap Audio Isn't In Device Mananger

    Have you tried setting up Virtual Audio Cables with the vccctrl and audio repeater ks settings correctly?
  8. TornSilhouette

    Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro No Audio

    If youre using an output that connects to a PC monitor without HDMI inputs, youll be restricted with a DVI setting which in turn, does not allow audio to be decoded...Youll have to use a RCA splitter cable and the converter box to be able to connect your AV cables to either your monitor/speakers/headset
  9. TornSilhouette

    No Picture (Split)

    I tried testing this on a Windows XP system claiming it will work, I had gotten errors unfortunately...so thats a possibility
  10. worked for me LOL Though i did say if it was a last resort...As AV cables are really "easily obtainable" these days compared to getting Hdmi or vga cables..x_x
  11. TornSilhouette

    Improve The Quality On Youtube

    Anyone can upload videos to youtube...the question is how you, the uploader is willing to be unique to draw out attention, be it doing creative gameplay commentary, custom story telling, or just hillarious gameplay..though it takes work and quite some time to get subscribers...its been 2 months and i barely have 10, so yes still quite a long feat to go, but i do it to have fun, nothing else
  12. TornSilhouette

    Can Only Upload In 480P

    If youre uploading to Youtube and such, youll be faced with some limtations to have that as your max quality setting as a new user
  13. TornSilhouette

    Output Problems Help Please

    Are the display settings adjusted properly to meet your monitor/TV display's dimension settings? Im not familiar with a PS3, but knowing i ran to this problem alot when i didnt adjust the Size setting from my Xbox360 display menu until i got it right
  14. TornSilhouette

    Tips And Pointers For Editing...

    Only thing i can say is you sound bored, it's not gonna make viewers stick around...."anyone" can upload great gameplay in HD, but youre gonna have to stand out, that is something im sure you can figure out
  15. Youll need an RCA splitter cable to direct the sound to either your speakers or w/e youre using as well as the RCA converter box for the console ...oor if youre really cheap, and you dont feel like your xbox 360 component cables is a necesity, you can open the plastic casing *carefully* and bundle it to the hdmi adapter