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    No Input With Capture Hd Pro

    Jim, thanks for the quick reply and link via Facebook. I have been reading other posts and I believe I have tried your steps (repair and reinstall) already on two laptops. I'll do it again and see what happens. The thing that really bugs me is why Windows won't even recognize a new hardward is plung in when I connect the USB cable. My son is still waiting for me to get it to work. Thanks again.
  2. Chanster

    No Input With Capture Hd Pro

    Hi, does anyone has any suggestion to this? Or I got a bad hardware and need to issue a product problem ticket something with Roxio?
  3. Chanster

    No Input With Capture Hd Pro

    Thanks for the reply and instruction for attachment. Hope I did it corrrectly. When I plung the device into either computer, it does not even blip meaning Windows is not recognizing the device is plung in. Therefore, nothing appears in the Device Manager. Thanks for your help in advance.
  4. Chanster

    No Input With Capture Hd Pro

    Hi, saw other threads but I need to specify my hardware here. I have tried with two notebooks but cannot see the device in the Sound, video and game controllers. The Device does power up through the USB cord. 1) Current version of PS3, 2) Using Component inputs, 3) Can see the game on the TV using the Device as a pass through, 4) Both PCs are running Win 7 Pro SP1, 5) The Game Capture software was installed on both computer (Device not registered yet), 6) One is a Lenovo W520 (1 year old so hardware S/B no problem), 7) Other is a Dell Inspiron 1120, AMD Athlon II Neo K325 Dual-Core, 4 GB Ram Got the Device for Christmas for my son but cannot get it to work. Any help is appreciated. Happy New Year.