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    Video File Types

    I am currently using Roxio NXT Creator. I have downloaded a few videos which are in parts and I now need to join these parts to make one video. These videos are flv. format. When I open Roxio to edit video, I cannot see these videos to import them. Please tell me why is this so and what do I do to join these parts together. Regards, Jay
  2. naidu jay


    I need to insert subtitles on my video. I have placed my video on the timeline. Please tell me how to go about inserting subtitles. Much appreciated,Jay
  3. naidu jay

    Disc Burning Issues

    Dear sknis, I thank you very much for your informative reply which solved my problem. Kind Regards, Naidu Jay
  4. naidu jay

    Split From Related Issue

    I cannot watch DVDs through Windows Media Player although I have Sonic Cineplayer DVD pack installed on my computer. I also have Roxio Creator NXT pro installed. 1. I have updated my driver for the graphics card. 2. I have uninstalled the Cineplayer and then re-installed it. The problem still persists. My DVD drives is able to read DVDs. I watched the same DVD through Realplayer and KMPlayer. The following is my system information. OS - Windows XP, 32 bit with SP3, Direct X 9, Graphics Card - NVidia GeForce 7300 SE /7200 GS Please assist, Thanks Jay
  5. I am creating DVDs using Roxio Creator NXT Pro selecting the High Quality option in order to maintain same as original. When I want to burn the size of the videos comes to 11GB. I need to use 1x 8.5 GB and 1x 4.7GB discs to maintain high quality. Please tell me how to go about burning on two discs. If there are any other ways to maintain high quality please tell me. Naidu Jay