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    Black Outline When Editing?

    I encountered a problem while editing. Until the last two weeks, everything was fine but now all my videos that I edit have a small black border around them. This could be something I changed as I did change some settings to adapt to pictures and overlays (the settings where production settings>default handling for non 16:9 sources>fill screen/show entire source. I flick through both these settings and none seem to work). This never happened before. I'll attach a pic of a production with the black border. Thanks
  2. gunner696

    Black Outline When Editing?

    ok, so I checked the example above properties (frame width and frame height) which was 720x480. Then I check a previous video that had no problems and it was 1920x1080. Any idea how I would get it back to 1920x1080? Would it be a setting on the Xbox? or maybe a setting while capturing? It was the same game in both examples also.
  3. gunner696

    Black Outline When Editing?

    I guess I'll have to ignore it for now. But what I don't understand is how this changed automatically? I haven't changed my set-up nor have I changed any settings on the console. I can even bring in clips from before this began to happen and they still dont have the black border around them, only the recent clips do?
  4. gunner696

    Black Outline When Editing?

    yeah so I did that, should I set it to fill frame? (btw this is an image that I used pan&zoom on)
  5. gunner696

    Can Only Record In 480P?

    I am only able to record in 480p as you can see from the screenshot below, i'm using component cables but i'm sure they're not the problem
  6. gunner696

    Can Only Record In 480P?

    GOT IT!!! it was the Xbox setting that I had not set, Thank you
  7. gunner696

    Can Only Upload In 480P

    Are you exporting your videos for rendering? or uploading straight to YouTube straight from VideoWave?
  8. gunner696

    Can Only Record In 480P?

    ok, i have the Xbox hooked up to the Capture card with the HD/AV Cable and also my T.V is connected to the capture card from the YPbPr port (T.V is also HD compatible). I am not sure which console settings you want, or even apply to whether it can record in HD or not?
  9. gunner696

    Size Cropping

    Hi, i want to get rid of the black outline on my recorded videos, can this be done in VideoWave or can you suggest other programs to do it? thanks