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    I Need Help Fixing A Possible Software Glitch

    My capture card still doesn't work. I try dvd hdmi,component and my xbox again but with component and the same message and screen appeared. If you think I need a replacement capture card, can you tell me how to do this? As I ordered mine from amazon. NEW, not pre-owned or from a seller.
  2. JJaguar

    I Need Help Fixing A Possible Software Glitch

    There's the Pop-up What the screen looks like after clicking ok My device manager RGC_Log_132013_0.txt And the collected info I have an Xbox 360 Arcade model Please help, I've looked at other cases like mine and they are all told the same thing I tryed them and ended up worst afterwards. The only thing I can see differently is that when I go to device manager I don't have an "Other Device" Tab. And yes that is WITH the device in.
  3. Hi, I just get my roxio game capture HD yesturday and after setting it all up I hit capture to find a pop up box saying "Select video device failed" but still having the capture card show up as if it was finding the card. The status of the device read "Capture device removed" which is odd because it was hooked up the whole time AFTER I downloaded the software. And yes I tried reparinng it and that made the program crash every time i opened it. I just now got it back to the problem above.