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  1. LazereyeHD

    Blank Preview Screen

    Its windows 8 everyone that complains includeing me bout preveiw screen has win8 We jsut neeed a roxio update to fix it
  2. LazereyeHD

    Purple Screen In Monitor

    Not Trying to but it ... But All The People (includeing me) are having this problem and they all seem to have win8 maybe thats it?
  3. LazereyeHD

    Help Asap Please

    So is it win8 and can you ,aybe tell me when this might be updated?
  4. LazereyeHD

    Help Asap Please

    i have windows 8 and nope But its purple all the time streaming,or not or captureing,or not.. on here it looks black but it is purple for me
  5. LazereyeHD

    Help Asap Please

    Still not working
  6. LazereyeHD

    Help Asap Please

    I already listed them and i just updated everything in my computer
  7. LazereyeHD

    Help Asap Please

    Lol thanks but i really dont understand its always purple screen for preveiw i use 1080P i will ad a screenshot note on the screenshot it looks black but here it is a purpleish screen but this is what it looks like http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=104717723038360&set=a.104717719705027.8312.100005003977411&type=1&theater
  8. LazereyeHD

    Help Asap Please

    console: Xbox 360 Hookup: Hdmi Setting if i think what your talking about is that like 1080p if yea 1080 lol i really dont understand pc specs : i have W8 intel corei3-2130cpu 3.4ghz 2 cores 4logical pro SYS model Inspiron 660 Graphics card is evga GTX 550 and when i first used it i could see the preveiw screen while recodering and life streaming but after now i can not see my preveiw screen there is a dark purple image
  9. LazereyeHD

    Help Asap Please

    Help please i have been recording with the roxio hd pro and now when i got to livestream the preveiw screen is purple PLEASE HELP!!!!!
  10. LazereyeHD

    Roxio Hd Pro In Game Voice Chat Recordable?

    Yes the only voice you cant here is yourself