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  1. Masterking22

    How Do I Get My Roxio Hd Pro To Work With Psn Voice Chat

    i will be streaming so i need a way to have my voice mix in with the game voice. MrDerpski I did set it to multi-output.
  2. Hi I need help on getting my psn voice chat in call of duty to work with the mix of game audio. I have a turtle beach px21 wtih the dss 2 sound processor, I have looked everywhere for a way to get this setup to work but i cant find any please help me,
  3. Masterking22

    Blue Screen

    Hi I recently purchased a Roxio Hd Pro capture card and I installed the software and it installs fine but when I click into the program it boots up and when I got to click capture it goes unresponsive. Then I tried to use xsplit to livestream and capture is works for a little bit then it goes blue screen. Here is a link to my post on xsplit fourms and a video of what happens https://www.xsplit.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=114&t=17642&p=70274#p70274 http://youtu.be/rl3lvpFycn4
  4. Masterking22

    Install Interrupted

    I ended up downloading and installing DirectX from http://corel.force.com/roxio/articles/en_US/Master_Article/Installation-rolls-back
  5. Masterking22

    Install Interrupted

    Thank you for responding but i did get the program installed.
  6. Masterking22

    Install Interrupted

    I've try to install many times but cant get it to install. Please help.