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    Fit To Disc Does Not Fit To Disc

    If you look back up to my second post, I did answer your question about how much time I am trying to put on the disc....each basketball game is approximately 45 minutes. Thanks again for your help.
  2. tomatospice

    Fit To Disc Does Not Fit To Disc

    I'm starting with HD video file and making an AVCHD disc. It sounds like my options are just to chose LP instead of fit to disc and go with a lesser quality...or change programs. I have not been impressed with Creator 2012 to say the least. Thanks so much for your help.
  3. tomatospice

    Fit To Disc Does Not Fit To Disc

    Also, I see that you had anotehr suggestion for me once you edited your post....about using the burn disc image application. That is the one I always use (other than trying copy and convert since someone said it would compress the file). However, when I use that burn disc image application, it tells me the iso file is too large for the disc.
  4. tomatospice

    Fit To Disc Does Not Fit To Disc

    I am not sure what you mean by a true AVCHD disc....I am burning to a DVD-R, but selecting AVCHD on MyDVD since my videocamera is HD. The resulting disc will not play in my regular DVD player, but will play on my blu ray player. I am putting our high school basketball games on the DVD. Most are right about 45 minutes long. I did not ever have this fit to disc problem with Creator 2009, but do have it with 2012. I usually burn about ten copies of each DVD for the coaches and players. This problem is really putting me behind.
  5. tomatospice

    Fit To Disc Does Not Fit To Disc

    I am running Creator 2012 on Windows 7. I have been using the creator series for several years, but have had a problem with Creator 12 making iso files that are too large for the disc. I am making an AVCHD DVD. I realize there is a difference between the disc saying there are 4.7 GB available when there is really only 4.3, and likewise with a DL only having room for about 7.9 instead of 8.5. My question is how do I make it fit to the disc? I have tried saving the iso file, then opening it in roxio video copy and convert. My iso file shows up in my directory, but doesn't show up in the right hand screen for me to select. I made the file in MyDVD as just a regular DVD instead of AVCHD and then burned an iso file and that iso file will show up in copy & convert. However, I want the AVCHD, that is why I bought a new video camera. Why won't the iso for the AVCHD DVD show up and yet the regular DVD iso file will? I have also tried selecting SP or LP mode instead of fit to disc in MyDVD. SP is generally too large, but LP will fit, however it is really too small and it is only using part of the DVD and I don't want the quality to go down that far. Why can't they make the fit to disc actually fit to the disc? Any suggestions out there?